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Cunard Baggage TagWelcome to the Royal Regals ocean liner links page. This effort represents my attempt to offer a comprehensive database covering various aspects of the heyday of the great ocean liners. Every attempt has been made to make this catalog as inclusive as possible. Included are sites related specifically to ocean liners, as well as other sites that highlight the cultural and architectural aspects of the period. Submissions are welcomed and appreciated, but as a result of time constraints I am unable to update this page on a regular basis. To recommend a site, fill out the form here and I will add the site as expeditiously as possible.

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Ocean Liners
These sites deal specifically with ocean liners from the golden age and today. This category is divided into five sub categories for convenience purposes.
SS Australis - Former SS America, a crewman’s site dedicated to his experiences aboard the re-badged America.

The Big Three - An extensive essay on Albert Ballin’s trio of super-liners Imperator, Vaterland, and Bismark. One of the oldest sites on ocean liners on the web.

Canadian Pacific Railway Archives - Images from CPR archives detailing their ships, rail liners and hotels.

Canadian Pacific Railway Ships in World War II - A brief look at the contribution the Canadian Pacific Railway ships and their crews made to the Allied Merchant Navy during World War II.

ss Canberra - A tribute to one of the most innovative, successful and well-loved ships of the twentieth century. Also from this site, m/v Aurora.

Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - A French site dedicated to the great French Liners Liberté, Colombie, Ile de France, and SS France.

Cruise Liners - A well designed site offering photographs and specifications of various cruise ships in service today. Also included is a collection of the site designers personal photographs of cruise liners in Helsinki harbor.

Cruising the 21st Century - Onno Heesbeen displays modern cruise ships he’s photographed, and has section dedicated to the ocean liner of the future.

Cunard Archives - A history of Cunard Line and Whites Star ocean liners held at the University of Liverpool. (This site is currently unavailable. The majority of ships presented are listed on the Cunard Heritage pages.)

Empress of Ireland - One of the worst maritime disasters in history, Empress of Ireland sank in1914 with a loss of 1,477 souls. Her sinking was overshadowed by the onset of World War I.

German Liners of Nord LLoyd - A site that highlights some of the great German Liners of Norddeutscher Lloyd.

The Great Ocean Liners - A site that highlights some of the most famous liners of all time. Several lesser known vessels are also included

Great Ocean Liners of the Past - Career history and photographs of several great ocean liners of the past.

Great Ships - A collection of postcards and other liner related ephemera from the collection of Jeff Newman--narrative by Mark Baber.

Great Ship Wrecks - A history of some of the worst maritime disasters of all time.

The Great Transatlantic Ocean Liners - A site that highlights some of the great Cunarders. The site provides a number of recent articles from world news agencies on some of the vessels.

Unofficial Holland-America Page - Dedicated to the great ocean liners of the famous Holland-America Line. The site covers the famous Nieuw Amsterdam and various incarnates of Rotterdam.

Liners and Transatlantics - A small French site that highlights some of the great ocean liners. Text has English translations.

Liners of the World - High quality, accurate full colour computer aided drawings of any Liner that sailed the seven seas.

Lost Liners - The PBS series “Lost Liners”, from the book of the same name, that highlights some of the most well known maritime tragedies of modern times.

Lost Liners - A German site that highlights the careers of some of the greatest ocean liners of time.

Luxury Liners of the Past - An enthusiast displays her postcard collection of classic luxury liners.

Maritime Matters - Martin Cox and Peter Knego bring you information on ocean liners, historic vessels, steamships, merchant ships, cruise ships, and maritime history.

Masters of the Blue Riband- A site that features ocean liners that captured the coveted ‘Blue Riband.’

Memories of a Transatlantic Passenger - A passenger recollects his passages to Europe as a child aboard SS America and SS United States.

Navi d'Italia - Italian site dedicated to some of the great Italian liners. The Majority of ships shown are prior to the formation of the Italian Line.

Normandie Pages - Reputed to be the most luxurious ocean liner to ever grace the waves, Normandie offered the most exquisite setting of any ocean liner ever to sail.

Ocean Liner Resource - A page dedicated to providing a simple introduction to maritime history for the beginning enthusiast.

Ocean Liners: Age of Steam - A series of pages by that discusses the evolution of ocean liner design--from Titanic to Normandie.

Ocean Liners of the Past - another site dedicated to the great ocean liners of the past.

Ocean Liner Postcards - A collection of ocean liner post cards offered for online viewing.

Peter Crichton’s Liner Page - Photographs of modern cruse vessels. You must scroll to find the photograph links.

RHMS Patris - Dedicated to Chandris Liner RHMS Patris.

Royal Mail Line - A History of the Royal Mail Line in pictures and prose.

Project Jason - A comprehensive listing of Titanic related links.

Pier 90 - A web site tribute to the grand ladies of the sea - ocean liners and cruise ships.

Unofficial Queen Elizabeth 2 Site - A history, statistics, and photographs of the venerable Cunarder QE2 - last of the transatlantic ocean liners.

QE2: Space Age Ocean Liner - A site that highlights the revolutionary interiors of the QE2.

Queen Mary 2 - Information about the construction and design of the upcoming Cunarder Queen Mary 2, set to enter service in December 2003.

RMS Republic - Mysteries and legends regarding the collision of the White Star Line’s RMS Republic.

Royal Cruise Line - A site dedicated to the former Royal Cruise Line. History of the line and former vessels are highlighted.

Ship Lover’s Page - A collection of photographs of both modern cruise liners and several of the great ocean liners.

Ships of State - An astounding collection of information on ocean liners from the golden age. An online library of magazine articles regarding classical liners is offered, as well as numerous interior pictures, and commentary on several specific ships of state.

Ship Photos - An online gallery highlighting numerous passenger liners that are still in operation today.

Ships of the Chandris Line - A history of the great ships of the Chandris line. Also by this webmaster, Ships of the Matson Line.

SS Stefan Batory - This site offers photographs and a history of the Flagship of the Polish Ocean Line.

Table Bay Underway Shipping - Ian Shiffman’s site features ships that have called at Cape Town, South Africa in recent and past years. Many images offered for sale.

Travel Brochure Graphics - A site that is dedicated to travel related memorabilia and ephemera from the 1920s-1930s. The nautical section offers an image gallery of brochures and baggage labels that highlights some of the well known and lesser known ships of the time.

Tribute to the Swedish American Line - Facts, memorabilia and tales of those great ocean liners Drottningholm, Gripsholm, Kungsholm and Stockholm.

Trans-Atlantic Ocean Liners - A collection of pictures and text from several other sties blended to make a thorough presentation of the great transatlantic liners.

Vintage Labels: the Lost Art of Travel - A site dedicated to the history and lost art of the luggage label as visualized by the world's hotels, airlines, railroads and oceanliner companies.

Whilhelm Gustloff- The single worst shipping disaster of all time. This site offers a comprehensive history of the ship, including interior photographs.

Google’s Web Directory - A catalog of maritime history links from the massive online search engine.

Maritime History Listing on Yahoo! - Extensive collection of maritime history links from Yahoo’s database.


Ad*Access - From Duke University, images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Of particular interest are the ocean liner categories (1946-1949) and (1950-1954).

Australian National Maritime Museum

French Lines Association - Covering the more than one and a half centuries of French Lines maritime history, the object of the French Lines Association is to highlight the heritage of the French shipping lines, in particularly that of the Compagnie Générale Maritime and the Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée. In French and English.

Mariners’ Museum - Located in Newport News, VA, the Mariners’ Museum offers a vast collection of Maritime Artifacts from the clipper ship era to today.

Ocean Liner Museum - The Ocean Liner Museum offers online articles that provide a nostalgic look back to the golden age of shipping.

Ocean Liner Society - A United Kingdom based society dedicated to Ocean Liners.

Port - Maintained by the National Maritime Museum in Great Britain, PORT is a premier portal of high-quality maritime resources on the internet.

Steamship Historical Society of America - A North American based organization dedicated to preserving steamships. Publishers of Steamboat Bill.

World Ship Society - Founded in 1946, the World Ship Society is the largest and most prestigous international organisation dedicated to maritime and naval history.

World Ship Society - Port of New York Branch of WSS.


Blumenthal Gallery of Maritime Art - Lawrence Blumenthal has over 40 years experience in producing highly detailed oil paintings and models of ocean liners and military vessels.

Buccaneer Distributions - A set of six prints offered that were originally published for Cunard and e exclusively sold on board their ships.

Chris Butler Art Gallery - A display of artist Chris Butler’s paintings of Queen Mary and other famous ships.

Digital Maritime Art (German site) - CAD drawings of some of the great transatlantic liners - Queen Mary, Titanic, Imperator and others.

Famous Ocean Liners and Famous Warships - A series of limited edition ocean liner prints.

GB Marine Art - GB Marine Art markets quality art reproductions from the paintings of marine artist Gordon Bauwens. Ships covered include Queen Mary, QE2, HMRY Britannia, and other great liners of the golden age.

International Poster Gallery - Offering authentic and reproduction posters from a variety of shipping companies.

KinShip - KinShips offers a wide assortment of prints dedicated to passenger ships, contemporary maritime advertising art, European costume, and European royalty.

Maritime Art - A collection of maritime art offered for sale featuring some of the great liners. Formerly NMC Maritime Art.

Maritime Art of Maarten Platje - A splendid collection of art featuring various scenes from Holland’s maritime fleet (both merchant and naval). Exceptional attention to detail.

Ships in Watercolour - Michael Harte’s original watercolour paintings inspired by Britain’s maritime heritage.

Snowbow Productions - Snowbow Productions offers limited edition fine art prints by world renowned marine artist Robert G. Lloyd.

Steven Card Maritime Art - Maritime artist Captain Stephen J. Card has been commissioned by the Holland America Line to paint many of their ships, both past and present.


Classic Ship Collections - A German based company that offers assembled ocean liner models.

Loov Trading - A Swedish company offering scale models of several famous Swedish vessels.

Maritime Replicas - A number of ocean liner models offered, all depicted in splendid detail.

EPHEMERA - endorsement is not implied or suggested
Atlantic Crossing Ocean Liner Memorabilia - Memorabilia from various Atlantic steamship companies.

Cabin Class Collectibles - An extensive collection of ocean liner memorabilia offered via an online catalog.

Cobwebs - A UK based ephemera dealer selling both maritime and aviation memorabilia.

Days Past - A series of original ocean liner postcards offered for purchase.

Down Memory Lane - Offering maritime enthusiasts the finest in nautical books, model kits, fine art prints and posters, collectibles, memorabilia, and postcards available.

Ken Shultz Ocean Liner Memorabilia - Information on obtaining a catalog for “The largest quality collection of original Ocean Liner Memorabilia.”

Nautiques Memorabilia - A dealer offering ocean liner antiques and ephemera.

New Steamship Consultants - World’s Largest Dealer of Original Ocean Liner and Steamship Memorabilia.

Ship Shape - A mail order business dealing in ‘antique’ ocean liner memorabilia and collectibles, especially items from ships built before the modern cruise era (1970).

Simplon Postcards - A reference of pages devoted to all types of passenger ship, illustrated through contemporary postcards. Pages are devoted to either individual ships or shipping lines, with numerous cross links so that one can follow a particular ship’s career and also that of the lines it served.


Highlighted within these links are the early years of the passenger aeroplane and the fascinating service career of the luxurious rigid airships.
The Zeppelin Library - Information on the Hindenburg and other airships of the period.

HK-1 Spruce Goose - The official site of the famous Howard Huges flying boat, once moored alongside Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Pan American World Airways Historical Society - The China Clipper once offered air service from America to destinations in the far East. This site presents a history and information on ‘the world’s most experienced airline.’


Cultural Interests
The presented links are consistent with the age in which the great liners operated. The links listed capture the essence of the era by providing a bit more detail on the cultural and architectural aspects of the period.

Art Deco Architecture - A beautifully designed site that offers links and commentary on the Art Deco period.

Art Deco Society of Washington D.C. - A perservation and awareness society that highlights Art Deco structures in Washington D.C. and others throughout the country.

Arts & Crafts Society - Modeled after early twentieth-century societies promoting the Arts & Crafts movement, this site provides an online for the present-day Arts & Crafts Movement community.

Craftsman Perspective - A fascinating and well designed site with pictures and restoration tips for Craftsman style homes. Numerous images.

Sears Modern Homes - Information on Sears Modern Homes, maintained by Sears.

Radio Days: A soundbite History - Offers biographies, links and commentary on the golden age of radio.

Radio Spirits - A commercial site for purchasing old radio shows. RealAudio broadcasts of different shows are offered as well.

Iconography of Hope: The 1939-40 New York World’s Fair - Cultural study of the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair, complete with color images and video files.

New York World’s Fair, 1939-1940 - Alan Anderson’s essay and thoughts on the World’s Fair, 1939-1940. Extensive links list is included.


Cruise Industry
In recent years, the cruise industry has expanded at a remarkable clip. Presented are sites that review specific cruise ships and links to the major cruise lines in operation today.
Cruise Page - An online library of cruise reviews for major cruise vessels.

Cunard Line - The preeminent operator of the fabled QE2, Cunard is the only line to offer regularly scheduled transatlantic crossings. The heritage section of the site highlights the lines current vessels and many historical vessels it once operated.

Holland-America Line - A line with a rich maritime heritage, operator of the famous Rotterdam, offering Alaskan and Caribbean cruises.

Lloyd Triestino - Famed Italian shipping company with that had routes concentrated in the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean. Today a global carrier.

Norwegian Cruise Line - Operator of the SS Norway (former SS France) offers a series of affordable cruises to the Caribbean and occasional transatlantic crossings aboard Norway.

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&0) - A line famed for its Imperial mail routes to India, the Far East and Australia. A history of the Line is included.

Peter Deilmann Cruises - Peter Deilmann is operator of ms Deutschland, a cruise ship with interiors that incorporate many elements from the golden age of shipping. A truly unique liner.

Union-Castle Line - For years, the primary carrier between Southampton and South Africa. A rich history of the line is available as well as information on the upcoming Centenary Cruise.


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