To Whom It May Concern:

Much to my delight I recently discovered that TNN is broadcasting Miami Vice as part of its regularly scheduled lineup. After months of rumors and speculation, I thought my initial disappointment of Miami Vice being dropped by another network was put to an end. Sadly such is not the case. Read on.

My initial joy has turned into a cyclical state of depression as every time I watch Miami Vice I find myself needlessly distracted by a barrage of pointless POP banners that appear every ten minutes or so. The fact that they are preceded by an annoying EAS-esque tone does nothing to allay my frustrations and fears. (The tone signals the onset of a manic-depressive episode.) Are you attempting some Pavlovian mind-control experiments here? What gives?

I confess that I am not a regular TNN viewer, but if these POP banners are expected to be ongoing, I will definitely discontinue viewing ALL programs on your network. If it has escaped your attention, these banners convey no useful information and serve as nothing more than an assault on my senses, thereby diminishing my viewing pleasure. This is my request that you cease and desist this pointless campaign forthwith, lest I engage legal counsel and seek redress for undue mental anguish. (And we know in our sue-happy society the plaintiff always emerges victorious). It should also be added that I am in that coveted 18-25 year old demographic category that pulls in so much advertising revenue. You'd be wise to do right by me.

I don't expect a reply, and I'm sure my rather candid discussion will end up in the garbage folder of your email client. I do expect this to be at least dissertated amongst your executive board members, or whomever made the collective decision that these pop ups are “hip” and appeal to my demographic. (How wrong they were!) Try something original, like allowing me to watch a program without these asinine interruptions. Do that and I might be so inclined to watch more programs on your network and pay attention to the hucksters who somehow think that a glitzy ad campaign is a good substitute for a quality product.

--The Author

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