The Cunarder Lancastria
Of all the great ships that sailed under the Cunard flag, there are many remembered for the deftness of service and exquisite artistry onboard. The famous Cunarders Mauretania, Aquitania, and Berengeria are all remembered as famous flagships of the line, and the Lusitania is remembered both as a famous flagship and for her tragic loss at the hands of a German U-boat during the Great War. But Lusitania, was not the only ship in the Cunard fleet to suffer such tragic loss of human life during the course of war. Indeed, the loss of the Lancastria during the evacuation of British Expeditionary Forces at St. Nazaire, France during World War 2 far eclipsed the number of lives lost on Lusitania, but the story remains largely untold.
The pages presented here explore Lancastriaís service career and her tragic loss. Follow the links provided to read her history and view images of her interior appointments.
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