he gallant new « Cristoforo Colombo » now joins her sister ship, the
« Andrea Doria » on Italian Line’s famed Sunny Southern Route to the Mediterranean gateway to all Europe. She will make the crossing from new York to Italy in eight days. Named in honor of the Great Navigator and decorated to depict his life and times, the « Cristoforo Colombo » offers transatlantic passengers the gracious atmosphere... the luxurious comfort... and subtle refinement of the finest clubs.

The « Cristoforo Colombo »... fully air conditioned... with spacious Lido decks and three outdoor pools... sheltered promenades and open air recreation areas... is truly a masterpiece of naval engineering. She is equipped with the most modern nautical aid instruments... from the radar to the loran... from the echo-sounder to the faster-than-sound electric log... and radio-telephone capable of reaching the far corners of the world.

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