The Ritz-Carlton Cafe (left) was late-evening headquaters for many a passenger on Nieuw Amsterdam. The large oval dance floor, huge picture windows overlooking the sea, and the intimate bar were a few of the attractions in the room. Only steps away was the Upper Promenade Deck, open to the moon and stars
Magnificent in conception and lavishly beautiful in execution, the air-conditioned Grand Hall (below) was a luxurious lounge during daylight hours, and a regal setting for sparkling evening activities. The elegant balcony bar provided a vantage point with a commanding view of the festivities below.
Favorite rendezvous of many Nieuw Amsterdam passengers was the handsome First Class Smoking Room (below left) with its rich Circassian walnut paneling and deep, luxurious armchairs and settees. Flanked by two enclosed sun verandahs extending to the sides of the ship, the Smoking Room had its own modern bar stocked with a connisseurís choice of fine liqours.

Passengers must have found it difficult to believe they were at sea when in the air-conditioned First Class Theatre (below right). The deeply cushioned seats commanded an uobstructed view of the stage, and the egg-shaped contour of the auditorium took advantage of the latest in scientific sound-proofing materials and amplyifying equipment to ensure perfect acoustics for concerts, dramatic performances and pre-replease motion pictures. Found at the front end of the Theatre was a striking mural in red, black and gold by Reyer Stolk.

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