INTERIOR spaces onboard Columbus were executed by the noted architect Professor Paul Ludwig Troost. Professor Troost took great pains to give connecting rooms a “harmonious whole” feel. The connecting Social Hall, Library and Smoking Room all exhibited a flawless transition from one to the other, and shared a common decorating theme, though each was uniquely arranged. Particular attention was devoted to giving the rooms a spacious feeling, and the Dining Room and Social Hall both extended up through two decks. Noted German artists were employed to provide art work for the ship, with murals by E. R. Weiss and hand carved art work by Joseph Wackerle.
Particular attention was also directed to the manner in which passengers of different classes interacted. Spaces on Columbus were ordered much the same as those found on pre-World War I ships. Decks were so arranged that passengers travelling in different classes never came in contact with one another. It was due in no small part to her arrangements and decoration that Columbus was a favorite of North Atlantic travelers, and later a favored cruise ship.

First Class Accommodations
First Class Library First Class State Room
Library State Room

First Class Social Hall
Social Hall

The sleeping chamber of a First Class Cabin De Luxe The sitting area of a First Class Cabin De Luxe
Passengers traveling in First Class were offered the option of a regular state room or a Cabin De Luxe. The sumptuous Cabin De Luxe offered a sleeping chamber and spacious sitting area.

First Class Smoking Room First Class Dining Room
Smoking Room Dining Room

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