RMS Aquitania - The Ship Beautiful
he Second Cabin Dining Saloon was a magnificent room in the style of Pegolesi. The panels on the walls were decorated with paintings adapted from work by that famous artist, and were surrounded by enriched mouldings in wood, taken from fine old examples. The ceiling was composed of large panels of plaster with modelled enrichments. It was supported by four Ionic columns with handsome caps and fluted shafts, copied from an old house in Fitzroy Street, London. The dome over the Saloon was surrounded by plaster frieze, and above this was a wrought iron balustrade copied from an old Adam balcony. The staircase leading from this room to the deck above was copied from an example by the Brothers Adam.
Dining Saloon
RestaurantWith ordinary windows, similar to a Georgian house on shore, and tasteful antique mahogany Hepplewhite furniture, there was little in the appearance of the Second Cabin Drawing Room to suggest a room on a ship. It was decorated in the Adam style, and the wall panelling was relieved with finely enriched mouldings. The whole of the decoration of this room had been reproduced from existing old examples. Above the beautiful marble chimney-piece was fixed a gilt overmantel. The dome, supported by fluted columns with Ionic capitals, had a finely enriched modelled plaster frieze. The ceiling, also modelled in plaster, had two fine wrought iron lay-lights.
Drawing Room
The Smoking Room was doubtless one of the most popular resorts of Second Cabin passengers. It adjoined the Veranda Cafe, which commanded a magnificent view over the stern of the vessel. The general decorative idea was taken from a room in Kensington Palace, and the panelled oak walls, with a beautifully carved fireplace at one end, gave it a dignified and restful appearance. Large comfortable chairs and spacious settees modelled from old examples added to this effect. The floor was covered with black and grey rubber tiling, and a series of columns and pilasters with carved caps supported the ceiling a fine reproduction of the old Georgian style. The room was lighted by obscured glass ceiling lights.
Smoking Room
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